Martín González

Visual journalist, designer, map maker.

Airbnb investigation

This was the first long form published at EL ESPAÑOL. We analyzed data from Inside Airbnb, proving how 91% and 64% of the flats in Madrid and Barcelona were published without any license.

Tools: MySQL, Excel, D3.js, jQuery, Bootstrap and SASS. With a lot of people.

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My contribution was centered on the data analysis, the frontend code and some reporting. I designed the whole piece by myself and coded the interactives with Luis Sevillano.

After seeing the Inside Airbnb website I pitched the idea to my editor. He encouraged me to start working on it. After getting some data I had to dump it into a MySQL database, it was too much for Excel.

I sketched several visualizations and maps. Along with Luis we worked on different implementations of the maps, trying vector tiles at first and then heatmaps. In the end we settled on a SVG map with a background image.

We also produced a line chart comparing the Airbnb valuation to the stock prices of the biggest hotel chains.

It was a long piece to produce. It required months of non-continous work, including reporting, code, design, photographs and illustrations.