Martín González

Visual journalist at The Economist, based in London.

Airbnb investigation

This was the first long form published at EL ESPAÑOL. We analyzed data from Inside Airbnb, proving how 91% and 64% of the flats in Madrid and Barcelona were published without any license.

Tools: MySQL, Excel, D3.js, jQuery, Bootstrap and SASS. With a lot of people.

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My contribution was centered on the data analysis, the frontend code and some reporting. I designed the whole piece by myself and coded the interactives with Luis Sevillano.

After seeing the Inside Airbnb website I pitched the idea to my editor. He encouraged me to start working on it. After getting some data I had to dump it into a MySQL database, it was too much for Excel.

I sketched several visualizations and maps. Along with Luis we worked on different implementations of the maps, trying vector tiles at first and then heatmaps. In the end we settled on a SVG map with a background image.

We also produced a line chart comparing the Airbnb valuation to the stock prices of the biggest hotel chains.

It was a long piece to produce. It required months of non-continous work, including reporting, code, design, photographs and illustrations.