Martín González

Visual journalist at The Economist, based in London.

Catalan election

Iterating on our previous design for the local election, Lukas Appelhans and I created another newsapp. I also worked on a scrolly story to sum up the election night.

The newsapp

This time we only had to paint Catalonia. This allowed us to switch the rendering engine to Canvas, getting a better simplification of the map and a better design.

Tools: D3.js, GDAL, TopoJSON, Bash scripting, jQuery, Bootstrap and SASS.

With Lukas Appelhans.

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The summary

We had an exciting idea to improve the election storytelling. The next morning we set up a website with the highlights of the night, as a summary of the election.

The core experience were the maps, central to the piece. Images also played a big role, as a simple way to explain the results: who won and who lost.

This format was quickly replicated on other newspapers (I, II, III), even on the latest elections.

Tools: D3.js, TopoJSON, jQuery, Bootstrap and SASS.

With Luis Sevillano, Nicolas Pérez, Patricia López and Antonio Delgado.

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