Martín González

Visual journalist at The Economist, based in London.

Spain General Election

I was the main lead of the General Election graphics coverage. It integrated the live results, two analysis and a prediction.

Tools: Bash scripting, GDAL, TopoJSON, Mapshaper, QGIS and Bootstrap. With Lukas Appelhans.

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Election map

This app, the result of a month’s worth of work, it’s an iteration of the previous election visualizations I did with Lukas Appelhans.

My job was to generate the map, design the piece and create a solid layout. I had to write a lot of Bash scripts and play with the simplification to create an efficient TopoJSON. The file contains 52 provinces and more than 8.000 cities, which were matched with a Protobuf generated in real time with the results.

I also added the adjacent frontiers. This created a familiar shape of the country. The map also features city labels and roads (which were cleaned with GRASS).

It was featured on The Guardian live election blog.

The analysis

Using the interactive boilerplate, I designed and developed the layout for the special page we ran the day after the elections.

We prepared a visual piece with dozens of graphics and pictures, explaining the outcome for every major party. It was published the next day in the morning.

It was a long night.

Tools: Bootstrap and SASS.

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