Martín González

Visual journalist at The Economist, based in London.

New Year

One of my 2016 proposals was to create a proper site with a portfolio. And here it is.

I’ll use this blog as a notebook for stuff I don’t want to forget, thoughts about the media, coding, interactives and maybe some tutorials.

This 2015 has been hectic. EL ESPAÑOL has been a great place to learn. Specially with my data colleagues: Luis, Antonio, Nicolás and Patricia. Thanks a lot.

For those of you that don’t know, EL ESPAÑOL is a new newspaper based in Madrid. We launched the site on October but there was a blog going on since January. You can read more about it on Nieman Lab. Everything started with a great crowdfunding campaign that raised around €3 million, the world record on journalism.

I started an internship there on July. We were ten and didn’t even have a proper newsroom. Now there are 70 journalists and the company has 100 employees.

Esquire made a portrait of everyone for their November issue / Esquire.

Edu and María are building a special place and trying very hard to innovate. I mean, they trusted two random twenty-somethings that wanted to publish a map.

When the internship ended I got hired. I stayed on Madrid for three months more. That means I dropped university one trimester.

And now I’m back in Barcelona to finish my journalism degree.

By the way, I’m going to freelance a bit until June. If you have an interesting project on mind just shoot me an email. I can report, design, develop and visualize your stories.