Martín González

Visual journalist at The Economist, based in London.


Update Nov 19: We got funding from Google’s DNI to help us pursue the project.

Politibot is a news startup that builds messaging bots. I design and produce interactive stories for our political coverage.

With a lot of people.

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Antoni Chobani.

We started Politibot in May 2016, after seeing how Purple and Quartz were covering day to day issues with bots. We launched in June, just in time to cover the Spanish General Election.

The idea was simple: a Telegram bot which guides the user through the political news of the day. The user is able to react to each statement in a structured conversation, and it can also access a selection of articles curated by us.

In a month we got 8k active users, and other newspapers like El País or La Vanguardia followed the lead, launching their bots afterwards.

We were featured in Digiday, and in the Nieman Lab's “What are we reading”. Some Spanish outlets and blogs also wrote about us.

Interactive stories

Aside from creating bots, we believe that visual storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to attract readers, and we dedicate some of our resources to create engaging graphics and maps.

Being the main designer, I’m in charge of building the website and designing every template for our stories.